My Nikon World—a Facebook app that works as a free photography workshop and gallery

Nikon entertains and inspires photography amateurs with a new interactive program, My Nikon World, rolling out as an application on the brand’s Facebook page. 

Pic.: A snapshot from the “My Nikon World” app,

At My Nikon World, users can share photos, take creative challenges and track their progress, earning points and special digital badges. The program is curated by associated professional photographers who encourage participants to explore new themes and try new techniques.

Currently, there is just one pro assignment, Street Photography Challenge, added by Rob Van Petten, a fashion photographer. Users are invited to upload 10 photos of their own street photography by August 1 for a chance to win the themed badge and 100 points. Another challenge, which theme is not announced yet, will soon be launched by photographer and author Steve Simon. The curators will also answer the questions, as well as provide valuable tips to help the amateurs polish their photography skills.

The users will be able not just upload images, vote for them, view them by subject categories and share across social media—they will also be able to see which Nikon equipment was used to create a certain picture. Within a week since the My Nikon World app was launched, over 5,000 images have been uploaded.

“Photography is now a social experience, people want to share their stories, creativity and accomplishments through imagery online. My Nikon World gives photographers a chance to join a like-minded community of photo enthusiasts to be inspired to get out and shoot, while learning exciting new photo techniques through the pro issued challenges,” commented Lisa Baxt, Associate General Manager, Communications, Nikon Inc.