Newcastle Brown Ale adds an “independent,” British twist to celebrating July 4 in the USA

Real freedom means listening to your heart and not sticking to the rules set by others. Among other things, it means that you mark special occasions when you think it’s right. On the eve of the U.S. Independence Day, July 4, the British beer brand Newcastle Brown Ale encouraged Americans to “enjoy American freedom by celebrating British rule” before the actual date.

Pic.: Newcastle Brown Ale’s #Independence Eve campaign (click to enlarge),

The new effort by Droga5 New York comes as part of the ongoing “No Bollocks” campaign. It encourages to infuse the celebration of the #1 national holiday in the U.S. with British spirit. “This ‎#IndependenceEve, party like it’s 1775. Minus the wooden teeth, powdered wigs, rampant disease and horrific violence,” the beer label says.

Pic.: Newcastle Brown Ale’s #Independence Eve campaign (click to enlarge),

The campaign includes retro-styled posters (view them on the brand’s Facebook page) and in-bar promotions. The key elements of the promotion are the revolutionary beer holders and flags featuring the Stars & Stripes motif on one side and the Union Jack on the other.