Running as a social behavior: New Balance carves the new term “runnovation”

New Balance is rolling out a new international brand campaign, “Runnovation,” to celebrate innovation and muscles, excellence and effort, pain and self-control, tears, sweat and smiles behind the sports achievements, personal or official. The marketing initiative by Arnold Worldwide continues the narration started by NB’s previous campaign, “Let’s Make Excellent Happen” in 2011—now, the focus is on fresh interpretations within running and on a person, an amateur or a pro.

Pic.: Print of the new NB’s “Runnovation” campaign (click to enlarge)

The creative team behind the new campaign made up a new term, “Runnovation,” which encompasses the power of science as well as the runner’s personal dedication (in late 2011, Old Navy also played with “-novation” for its promotion). “Runnovation is evolving fast, and New Balance is pushing the pace. This is Runnovation,” says NB. The campaign focuses on three major themes—evolution of running into a more social activity, pushing the limits of the possible in sport, and ground-breaking technologies that redefine running with new products. The NB’s latest innovative running gear—the new Tri-Viz collection and the updated 880v3 shoe— is featured in the ads.

Pic.: Print of the new NB’s “Runnovation” campaign, featuring Anton Krupicka (click to enlarge)

The “Runnovation” campaign highlights both professional athletes and ordinary people. The large-scale marketing effort, which includes print and digital advertising, viral video, online interactive content, in-store and event consumer experiences, is rolling out in the USA this weekend. Starting July 15, the official website and YouTube channel of the brand will feature spots with interactive overlays, describing the product featured in the clip and showing the link to the brand’s online retail store where the item can be purchased. Consumers will be invited to be part of the “Runnovation” community by joining a list of upcoming local races and fun runs, which will be announced in NB’s store-window displays as part of the in-store promotion.

One of the spots is “Runnovation Anthem” starring amateur and professional runners who reshape their athletic experience with passion for going beyond possible. In the end of the video, there’s a list of words defining the modern running—education, science, community, intelligent, tested, fast, technology, passion, fresh, geometry, inspired, love, new, proven, glowing, tenacity, and many more.

The campaign is also set for the rollout in 22 international markets, including Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Russia, Israel, South Africa, China, Japan and Australia to name a few.