Twitter University to deliver world-class technical trainings

Twitter commits to growing the next generation of engineers by establishing a new educational institution Twitter University. The new program will be based on a range of Twitter’s existing tech trainings and will offer the company’s engineers to learn the themed high-quality content as well as to teach others the skills they already have.

In a blogpost, Chris Fry, Senior Vice President, Engineering at Twitter comments that currently the company provides its employees with an access to “a whole swath of technical trainings, from orientation classes for new engineers to iOS Bootcamp, JVM Fundamentals, Distributed Systems, Scala School, and more for those who want to develop new skills.” He also mentions that the classes are taught by the company’s own team members—apparently, this helps to deliver the content tailored to the needs of Twitter engineering community as the experts within the company know best what the newcomers to their niche would need.

To fuel the educational endeavour, Twitter acquired Marakana, an open-source training company focused on educating tech engineers. The site of the company is now closed—according to the disclaimer, over the past ten years Marakana had been developing courses on Android, Java, HTML5, Scala, Python, Hadoop, jQuery and more. The team of the platform used to deliver classes to more than 100,000 professional software engineers. Before the purchase, the social media giant was working with Marakana for several months to make sure that the company’s teaching power would meet Twitter’s educational needs.

At the initial stage, classes will be available to the Twitter staff only, but over some time the company is going to make them available to anyone interested in the industry. The company doesn’t specify when the Academy launches, so asks the audience to follow @TwU for updates on Twitter University.