ABSOLUT Australia puts together the nation and artists to collaborate for the The Blue Room events

ABSOLUT Australia is about to introduce a new limited-edition vodka through a series of The Blue Room events fueled by creativity of the nation and four Australian influencers in the arts and music fields. The brand has launched a dedicated hub on its Facebook page, where “creative thinkers” can meet the four recognized talents—Australian sculptor Dion Hortsmans, digital artist Jimmy McGilchrist, audiovisual DJ Sampology, and fashion designer Emma Mulholland—and learn how to collaborate with them.

Entrants are invited to select the artist they would like to team up with, read the brief and upload their original work that potentially can contribute to The Blue Room program. For instance, Emma Mulholland inspires to join her “in creating the feel and interior for the Blue Room event itself.” She says that she’s “all about fabric, sculptures and shapes,” and inspires the public to share how they’d best collaborate with her to bring creativity to life in the space. Sculptor Dion Hortsmans notes that he works with the concept of light and materials from glass to steel, and needs the public’s original idea to “create a geometric sculpture that embodies the ABSOLUT spirit.”

The competitions are running from August 27 through September 13. Read more about the rules and prizes here.

“We’re not just looking for original ideas—we’re looking to give the right person the chance to bring their ultimate vision to life, with the collaborative help of one of our artists. Each of our selected artists are experts in their field, and possess a unique quality to their work, allowing them to stand out from the rest,” the brand says.

No words have been shared yet on the design of the upcoming limited edition bottle of Absolut. The events are slated to launch in October, when the results of the creative tie-ups will be available to the nation. The ABSOLUT Blue Room campaign has been developed by agencies including Sound Alliance (Experiential), Cav Con (PR) and Tongue (Digital).

Some parallels can be drawn between this ABSOLIT’s project and Heineken’s crowd-sourced project, The Club, in 2012, and Vitaminwater’s #Shinebright campaign.