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COLORS #87 explores how we teach, buy, sell and steal art in today’s world

COLORS, an international multi-language magazine about “the rest of the world” published since 1991 by the Benetton Group, has brought out its 87th issue dedicated to art— it’s all about how we teach, buy, sell, and steal art in today’s world.

“What distinguishes a conceptual masterpiece from a bit of urban debris? A renowned painter from a commercial designer? Is copying allowed in art, and if so, says who?”—these are just some of the questions the latest issue addresses. It contains some interesting facts about people’s attitude towards art and how it was reinterpreted in different epochs; tells that when the Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911 visitors queued for hours to see the vacant wall; explains how David’s penis was hidden from Queen Victoria; showcases sculpture styles in communistic China, and many more.


Photo: Inside the Colors#87 magazine (click to enlarge)

Every issue usually has got something to spark readers’ creativity—the cover of this quarter issue features colored stickers, the little copies of famous masterpieces, that can be arranged on the second blank cover page.

The printed version of the magazine that is traditionally available in five languages (English + Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese) costs €13.00. It can also be read as a digital iPad version for free.