Nike Japan kicks off a micro-campaign “Seven Years” ahead of the Summer Olympic Games 2020

Nike is rolling out its first campaign dedicated to the Olympics 2020 that will be hosted by Tokyo in seven years. The idea behind the effort by Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo is that there’s much time left before the games launch, so we all have seven years to decide what our life will be like in nearly a decade. The campaign is running under the tagline “Nothing has been decided yet.”

The sportswear giant has launched a video, “Seven Years,” with English subtitles that encourages the audience to be the ones who rules their lives. The spot features young Japanese faces and a voiceover saying that “you can only lose if you don’t [move]. Who you’ll be tomorrow, seven days or seven years from now, is the decision you make today. ”

The video uses the Just Do It message and below the spot on YouTube there’s a link to the dedicated page, where one may find inspirational lines in Japanese, which call the audience to shape their future, move and accept the life challenges to become what they really are.