Vodafone adds more power and speed to its refreshed inverted comma logo

Vodafone has revealed the refreshed visual identity, “Power of Red,” that encompasses energy and the desire to move forward. The new logo developed by The Brand Union comes as an “enhanced” version of the branded sign introduced back in 1997. The creative team added a red rhombus shape emerging from the Vodafone’s much-recognizable inverted comma to render its “confident energy and progression.

The new identity launched across the network in the UK on August 29. In particular, it can be spotted in the UK’s latest campaign for the company’s 4G proposition that features near-to-dramatic situations that are magically improved by Yoda from Star Wars. The TV ad is accompanied by outdoor, digital, in-store and retail packaging media that will all highlight the new identity.

The refreshed logo will be rolled out across all the markets until late November. It’s the first visual update of the 15-year old logo since 2005.

“Our new visual brand identity is a true representation of Vodafone—never static, always moving, and ensuring that our technology empowers everyone who uses it,” shared Barbara Haase, brand director at Vodafone group.

Vodafone is now selling its 45% stake in the US biggest mobile phone business for $130bn. Around 70% of the proceeds will be returned to shareholders. This money will probably be used by Vodafone to accelerate the launch of its superfast 4G broadband services across European markets.