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Coca-Cola brightens gray city days with the “Roll Out Happiness” pop-up park project in Vilnus

Coca-Cola is battling “gray-ness” with the latest installment of its “Where Will Happiness Strike Next?” global campaign that injects some unexpected joy into the dull urban surroundings. The “Roll Out Happiness” initiative masterminded by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam literally rolled out a piece of summer in boring “gray, grau, gri, グレー, šedá, серых” city settings of Vilnius, Lithuania in late summer.

The Coca-Cola Happiness truck, reincarnated as a grass-laying vehicle, rolled out long stripes of turf to transform a typical boring concrete city square into a park. The temporary green space shaped as an iconic contour bottle also featured trees and two special vending machines that gave out Coca-Cola only to those who took off their shoes and thus could enjoy the feeling of the fresh grass barefoot. The dispensers called urbanites to “Take Off Your Shoes To Open Happiness”— that was the only thing people were required to do to get their soda reward, which could be savored right there, on the branded lawn.

“This is one of my favorite ‘Where Will Happiness Strike Next?’ executions. The concept is so simple, yet uplifting. It perfectly demonstrates our strategy—and you can’t help but smile as you watch it!” commented Christy Amador, Coca-Cola global digital brand strategist.

The positive power of the stunt, which helped people unlock simple happiness of reconnecting with the nature, also goes beyond the pop-up park. Coca-Cola noted that the turf that was used for the temporary green space is to be donated to a local children’s home in Vilnius.

The “Where Will Happiness Strike Next?” series of initiatives started in the USA back in January 2010 with the generous Coca-Cola vending machine. It was installed in the middle of a college campus in New York that gave out treats like pizza, flowers and Coca-Cola bottles, of course. Since the first project, as part of this initiative Coca-Cola has delivered unexpected happiness through more than 100 installments across 50+ countries across the globe.