Google providing five NGOs with Google Glasses in support of philanthropic activities

Google has started the Giving through Glass initiative to distribute their controversial (yet to be shipped) Google Glasses amongst the five designated NGOs: WWF, Samasoure, GiveDirectly, Do Something and Charity:water. 

While Google has not shared any details on how exactly the Glasses are supposed to be used in NGOs’ daily work, the official announcement claims the companies will use Glass to support important causes “from poverty alleviation in Kenya to rallying youth to support important causes”. The search giant adds that the gadget is to make philanthropy more transparent and bring donors and communities closer.

Due to its peculiar design, Google Glass can record video or take photographs in a most inconspicuous and unobtrusive manner (raising, however, known ethical concerns across countries) thus, enabling the organizations with a handy device to document daily work.

Photo: Giving through Glass, picture by (click to enlarge)
Photo: Giving through Glass, picture by charity:water team (click to enlarge)