Leo Burnett and Norton Mobile have demonstrated the importance of protecting your smartphone and personal data on it

Norton Mobile Security, the global provider of web-based security solutions, together with Leo Burnett have illustrated what may happen with your private data if your mobile gets lost, stolen or hacked.

An interactive website “Enjoy Your Privacy” allows users to pair their mobiles to the desktop experience and gain access to seven fictitious unprotected devices with loads of personal information—as if they were hackers. As all of those devices are unprotected, the user can easily view someone else’s photos, messages, videos, bank statements, and other personal content on the phone.

Each mobile device here is positioned as a window into a person’s private life— their frames are designed in the form of a tablet or a smartphone. The experience encompasses over 70 short loop videos, bound together into a single picture. The “Enjoy Your Privacy” experience can be accessed both on mobiles and desktops.

To create an integrated experience that simulates real environment, Leo Burnett collaborated with digital production companies Jam3Smuggler, Director Mark Malloy, and a VFX company Method. The multi-screen site was made possible using WebSockets (Node.js and the Socket.IO). “A ‘micro’ mobile operating system was designed to create the illusion of actually peering into someone’s phone, complete with email, voicemails, photos, personalized homescreens and even transitions between ‘apps,’” writes Jam3 in the description to the demo video.

“Phone is more vulnerable and has more personal info on it [than a typical laptop or computer]. The idea started when one of our art directors had an idea to turn a cell phone into a window, and from that we expanded it into this far-ranging, storytelling experience. There’s a lot of connection here, which symbolically represents some of the connections in the digital world. Everything you share is out there, and we’re all pretty connected,” commented Dave Loew, executive VP and executive creative director at Leo Burnett, in an interview to Marketing Daily.