‘Mamming’ not a new ‘planking’: funny pictures remind women of breast cancer prevention

The Internet is now being swiped by a new posing virus, mamming, that has been created with a purpose. This is a movement in social media aimed to raise awareness about breast cancer and motivate women across the globe to see a doctor until it’s not too late. The activation engages women, men, kids and even animals who pose with their busts put on different objects, ranging from tables to street signs.

Pic. A screenshot from the ThisIsMamming.com site (click to enlarge)

The effort was launched by two activists from New York, Michelle Jaret and Michelle Lamont (a breath cancer survivor), who wanted to encourage ladies to be brave and get their breasts tested to detect any problems as early as possible. The site of the initiative says that “Mammograms are awkward. But it can save her life. Because when breast cancer is caught early, over 90% of women beat it.”

The movement, launched as a private initiative, taps into the USA’s Breast Awareness Month market in October.

Anyone can illustrate their solidarity by doing a mam—pushing their busts against random surfaces (and doing it as creatively as possible). They are invited to snap a picture of this pose, upload it using the #mamming hashtag to one of the social media sites—the photo will appear on the live digital wall on the site. To spread the word about the initiative, the creative team also launched a viral spot that explains mamming (view it below).

“We would love to see mamming become as big on the web as planking and owling,” commented Michelle Lamont to Dailymail.co.uk. “Our goal was to create something fun that would break through the clutter of breast cancer awareness month. We’ve seen breast cancer awareness campaigns that use humour and sexuality, and ones that don’t mention mammograms or breasts at all. We hope that mamming reminds women to get screened, and maybe makes them feel a little less awkward about putting their boobs in the mammogram machine.”