Chevrolet helps aspiring filmmakers pave their way to the Oscars

Chevrolet is encouraging aspiring filmmakers to become one step closer to the Academy Awards. The auto giant is calling the international filmmaking community to create an advert that will be aired during the Oscars broadcast on March 2. Though it’s not a direct way to the nominations, it’s an excellent start for those who want to get their names heard in the filmmaking industry.

The brand tasks the participants to create a 1-minute commercial that celebrates the everyday amazing moments that one experiences while travelling from A to B. “Make a film that shines a light on a simple yet significant human moment. Not a ‘life’ moment but a moment in life where you truly connect with someone else,” the brand writes in the brief. Music and branded assets (a short video with the Chevrolet logo) are also available for download.

The submission period is running through December 9. The early birds, those who submitted their videos by August 30, could win an opportunity to get one-on-one coaching from an expert. The all-star mentorship panel of the competition includes filmmaking and advertising gurus Jon Landau, Tim Mahoney, Spike Lee and Linus Karlsson. Chevolet hopes that the new crowdsourced spot will be as successful as the brand’s 2012 “Happy Grad” ad created by independent filmmakers.

There will be one overall winner announced, who will walk away with $20,000 cash prize and the chance to see his or her ad broadcast during The Oscars. Chevrolet will also award three cash prizes ($8,000 $4,000 and $2,000) in four regions—North America, South America, Europe and the rest of the world.

“As new roads in daily life are found and explored, Chevrolet vehicles naturally become a part of significant moments and memories,” commented Tim Mahoney, Global Chevrolet chief marketing officer. “We hope the ingenuity of this program will allow filmmakers to capture the essence of what owning a Chevrolet means to people around the world.”