John Walker and Alfred Dunhill “connect” through ages in a whisky collection

Johnnie Walker is releasing a film, “Celebrating a Journey Shared,” that celebrates craftsmanship, friendship and passion for discoveries. The footage that tells a story of two travellers is a cinematic dedication to the British luxury brand Dunhill with which a new collaborative whisky gift set was created—the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition Collection.

The film narrates the story of the two friends—adventurer Jason Lewis and craftsman Chris Tipper—who embark on a long journey that bridges London, the home of Alfred Dunhill, with the highlands of Scotland where the other iconic label, Johnnie Walker, was born. The project allowed the two modern men to “connect” the two gentlemen of the past, John Walker and Alfred Dunhill, who never met in person. “The result leaves viewers room to imagine how both John Walker and Alfred Dunhill would have interacted with each other considering the similar beliefs and philosophies that they share,” notes Johnnie Walker in the statement. The brand also says that both pairs of this cross-time experiment were “true to their heritage but set their eyes distinctly on the future.”

The unique journey is documented on the website where one can delve deeper into the labels’ craftsmanship and heritage. The narration is divided into parts that “unlock” as the reader moves along the route from Alfred Dunhill’s home in London to Johnnie Walker’s Drummuir Castle in Scotland.

The result of this collaboration—The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition Collection—includes a limited-edition bottle in a gift pack for travel retail and a Collector’s Trunk designed with a nod to the contours of a map and the wooden feel. Except for the bottle, the Trunk contains four crystal glasses, a whisky funnel, ice tongs and the Dunhill hunter flask. The set will be limited to 500 pieces worldwide.


Photo: Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limitied Edition COllection: the bottle for travel retail (above) and the Trunk (below)
Photo: Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limitied Edition COllection: the bottle for travel retail (above) and the Trunk (below)