Johnnie Walker crashes a glass car to promote sobriety behind the wheel

Johnnie Walker has released a new strikingly beautiful video featuring glasses to raise awareness of how dangerous drinking and driving can be. The 90-sec spot sees whisky glasses that, driven by magic, build up a race car and then shatter into a million sharp pieces. The Glass Car video by Iris Singapore and director Russell Appleford is launched to support the brand’s new effort, Join The Pact, inspiring consumers to sign a pledge to never drink and drive.

The imaginative race car in the video is created using 1,750 glasses in a computer reproduction of the McLaren Technology Centre, which is accurate to 3mm. The glasses fly out of numerous boxes to form a high-speed stunning CGI model of a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 car. Johnny Walker partners with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, this explains the choice of a car. It took over 200 days of render the entire film, and the scene where the glasses are smashing (300 frames per second) created a data file of over 100 gigabytes.

“A split second decision can be the difference between finishing first, last, or not at all. Make the right choice and stay in control,” says two-time F1 World Drivers’ Champion Mika Häkkinen.

Mr. Häkkinen, who has also pledged to never drink and drive, fronts the Join the Pact campaign, launched by Johnnie Walker on its Facebook page. The initiative is to gather one million commitments of sobriety, shared either through Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #ImNOTdriving. So far, nearly 15,000 have already accepted “the challenge.” The brand will be honoring people’s commitments and provide a million kilometers of safe rides home around the globe—the brand has already given away 10,000 kilometers of such rides.