Lufthansa’s #Inspiredby campaign encouraging younger consumers to become true globetrotters

Lufthansa is celebrating adventurous spirit with a new campaign, #Inspiredby, that is launching today, November 25. The airline brand encourages travelers to explore new cultures not just by reading, but by delving into the very heart of it. The initiative, targeting the younger international audience, is rolling out on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook—it will feature inspirational stories from people who have already embraced active lifestyles and become keen travelers.

To jumpstart the campaign, Lufthansa has posted a story of 17-year-old Moritz Aust, an aspiring young photographer from Schweinfurt (Germany) who shares experiences from his first-ever trip abroad, by plane. His debut dream-travel was to Oregon with Lufthansa, and in the film he tells how the new landscapes enriched and transformed his creative vision.

Other protagonists will also include Lars who competed in the Iron Man on Hawaii, Anne who became a devoted flamenco dancer in Madrid, or Polina who discovered Berlin as her art muse. The video stories of young globetrotters, produced in cooperation with arts&culture magazine VICE, will be posted on YouTube throughout late January.

In October, Lufthansa encouraged Swedes to officially change their names for Klaus-Heidi for a chance to start a whole new life in Berlin, at the company’s cost. At the moment, the application period is closed, and the winner will be announced on December 15.