Toyota USA’s new effort TeenDrive365 helps parents jumpstart a dialogue on driving safety with their kids

Toyota is launching a new campaign, “TeenDrive365,” to encourage parents to discuss dangers of distracting while driving with their kids who are young drivers. Today, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of death for teenagers. The US National Security Council estimates there have been 900,000+ car accidents so far in 2013 that were caused by drivers who were using their cellphones. While car brands constantly remind of the danger of texting and driving, it is parents who should explain kids how to behave behind the wheel.

TeenDrive365, Toyota’s biggest effort centered on the teen driving safety so far, encompasses all types of ad content, from print, radio, display and online ads to sponsored content on Twitter and Facebook and a digital hub, it’s key communication platform. The new effort, developed by the ad agency 360i, is focusing on the notion that the first year teenagers get their driver’s license is the most dangerous one in their lives. 

On the dedicated platform, parents will get expert advice and tips on how to navigate their kids through their first year behind the wheel. The site helps moms and dads start a dialogue about driving safety with their children. To make this experience effective, Toyota also offers a range of online tools, local events and social media resources.

At the moment, young visitors to the site can also participate in the contest, Toyota Teen Driver Video Challenge. Teens are encouraged to record 60-90 second videos to inspire safe behaviors (like avoid driving distractions) while driving among their peers. The submissions are accepted through March 13, 2014—the overall winner will walk (or drive) away with a $15,000 prize.

“We like to say that driver’s education begins the day a parent turns their child’s car seat around to face forward. It’s so important that parents understand that the actions they take and the expectations they set for young drivers each day are powerful factors in encouraging a lifetime of safe behavior behind the wheel,” commented Dr. Tina Sayer, Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center Principal Engineer and teen safe driving expert.