Amazon tops the customer satisfaction index FXI, beating 99 other global brands across seven industries

When pure math and cold-hearted technology take over people’s love for brands, here come numerous data-driven customer studies and analyses. The ForeSee Experience Index (FXI) conducted by the U.S. customer experience analytics company ForeSee is just one of those figures-based rankings. FXI shows how customer experiences with the leading 100 global brands (as reported by Interbrand’s ranking 2013) are predictive of their future business performance.

More specifically, FXI is defined by calculating Satisfaction, Retention, Upsell and Recommendation scores for each of the 100 listed brands on a 100-points scale. The data analyzed using the ForeSee methodology encompasses about 75,000 surveys from customers across seven industries over Q1-Q3 of 2013 year. The key findings of the study are, as following:

1. Amazon has the highest customer satisfaction score (87) of all industries represented, while Facebook has the lowest satisfaction score (69).

2. The highest customer satisfaction rate is in Automotive and Consumer Packaged Goods industries (82), followed by Retail and Apparel (81) and the Technology and Electronics industry (80). Financial companies rate at the bottom of the scale with 75 points.

3. In the Automotive sector Honda (85) beats Kia (78), in the IT sector Apple (83) beats Microsoft (78), Google (81) beats Facebook (69).

Commenting on the value of FXI for businesses, Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee said:

“The ForeSee Experience Index research illustrates how individual drivers of customer satisfaction have a quantifiable impact on the likelihood of customers to purchase more and continue to do business with or recommend a brand. The report gives the companies listed a chance to benchmark themselves against each other in terms of the overall customer experience, and serves as an industry resource to give other businesses the opportunity to compare themselves to the best in class.”

FXI: Top 10 out of 100 Brand Scores 

Brand Satisfaction Retention Upsell Recommend
Aggregate 80 83 65 49
1. Amazon 87 91 74 68
2. Avon 86 88 77 67
3. Nordstrom 86 89 72 69
4. Moet & Chandon 85 86 72 49
5. Mercedes-Benz 85 86 70 63
6. Honda 85 86 55 64
7. Heinz 85 88 72 55
8. Coach 85 86 70 62
9. 3M 84 86 72 61
10. Walt Disney 84 87 69 65


See the full table with the scores can be viewed here.