Convene, discuss, donate: make your ‘Giving Tuesday’ easier with Google+ today

Google is making philanthropy efforts yet easier to follow with a one-of-a-kind online event, “Hangout-a-thon” on Google+. The online meet-up will be dedicated to Giving Tuesday, the day when people traditionally donate to the charity of their choice. During the 12-hour event on Google+, the audience will be able to easier connect and donate to their favorite non-profit, all in virtual space.

Pic.: Hangout-a-thon on Google+, how it will look like (

The charity-focused event will be running from 9 a.m.–9p.m. EST today, December 3, allowing thousands of users from across the globe to meet the people behind a handful of charities, ask them more about their work and motivations, and also donate to a worthy cause. The charities will explain what they do to help eliminate a variety of global problems, ranging from bullying and little access of clean drinking water to providing disaster relief and supporting refugees. On the whole, there will be 24 charities and socially-conscious brands participating in the event (view the list on the picture below).

The event will be not just about talking and giving—there will also be a morning yoga tutorial from the Africa Yoga Project in Kenya, and a basic coding lesson from, Girls Who Code and Code2040 where participants will learn how to support their digital literacy, says Ramya Raghavan, Head of Politics and Causes for Google+, in a blogpost. The event will be joined by celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Chris Daughtry and Sophia Bush, who have also tapped into the philanthropy movement though different charities.

At the moment of the publication, there are more than 5,300 people who subscribed to the event. Users can download a Google’s One Today Android app that encourages to donate as little as $1 to different non-profits every day.

Pic.: A list of brands and charities participating in Google’s Hangout-a-thon (click to elarge)