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Social Santa app can track how often you curse on Twitter

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Are you expecting Santa to bring you some lovely gifts? You can check if you deserve it via the app called Social Santa that analyses your tweets and counts how many times  you’ve used obscene words—not in real life though, but on Twitter.

Pic.: A screenshot from the Socil Santa site's homepage

Pic.: A screenshot from the Socil Santa site’s homepage

This simple and fun experience for both mobile and desktops has been developed by the UK social-media specialist A Social Media Agency, which is part of 10 Yetis PR Agency, together with the web developers Forrk. As the creators of the app say, this tracker is “going to save Santa a lot of time” to identify who has been nice or naughty.

At the moment of publication, the Social Santa app has analysed 75, 473 naughty users against 62,911 nice ones—which means that Santa wil probably have less of work to do this Christmas! Although the app has spotted some ‘swears’ taken out of context in the Popsop tweet feed, we’ve been overall ”nice.”

Get yourself over to to find out whether you deserve a Christmas gift and … don’t curse please.

Popsop naughty tweet_02

Pic.: Popsop's 'naughty' tweets as identified by the Social Santa app

Pic.: Popsop’s ‘naughty’ tweets as identified by the Social Santa app