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Stella Artois’s Christmas promotion puts giving ahead of receiving

Stella Artois is exploring a double-gift donation system this holiday season. The lager brand, which history is connected with Christmas, is encouraging customers to make the holiday brighter through re-sending gifts and triggering donations. The scheme is simple—Stella Artois will be sending surprise gifts, and the receivers can choose whether to keep or pass them on to friends. If they choose to give it, the brand will donate $0.1 to

Participants from select countries aged 21+ can join the movement on the dedicated website using their Facebook profiles. Once the registration is complete, a user’s name is added to the waiting lists. After some time, they will have to make their generous or selfish decision—they will have 24 hours to follow the link in the invitation, and just 60 seconds to make the final decision.

The participants who choose to give the gift to a friend will build a chain of positive power. People who will create the longest chain of giving will enter in a sweepstakes to win a Stella Artois Crystal Chalice. Actress and singer Alice Eve, who fronted last year’s Christmas campaign for the brand, has starred in a short video, in which she entices people into giving the gift.

Stella Artois does not comment on what people who decide to keep the gift will get. All gifts will be revealed on December 21.