WWF and Leo Burnett employ kids’ creativity to promote wildlife protection

WWF and Leo Burnett have teamed up for the Pets4Pets Project that puts Italian kids into the very heart of a process of creating real ads.

A handful of advertising professionals—photographers, illustrators, film directors, animators, post-producers and speakers—were invited by the project coordinator to mentor and guide elementary school students in Milan in creating two TV commercials, eight prints and four radio advertisements in defense of wild nature. The children were tasked to feature in their work the animals which they liked most.

The young creatives delved into the ad development process, from getting and understanding the brief and the pre-production meeting, to shooting and designing, to unveiling the work to the broader audience.

Pic.: Pets4Pets Project—the kids version and final execution (click to enlarge)

The final works were polished by advertising professionals, who tried to “never ‘contaminate’ the kids’ ideas.”

The site of the project features both the final pieces and the making-of videos.