Adobe celebrates “the new creatives” with psychedelic portraits

Adobe Creative Cloud has launched a new campaign, I Am the New Creative, celebrating visual art talent in its multiple forms. The dedicated website encourages visitors to explore art renditions by artists, 42 people, who are illustrators, graphic and video designers, typographers, retouchers, coders, and more. The wall features the creatives’ retouched faces, looking quite psychedelic.

Pic.: Adobe Creative Cloud’s I Am the New Creative campaign

On the website, users can also learn what “being a new creative” means to the visual artists. Their whimsical portraits are inspired by the works they’ve designed—both versions are featured in their profiles along with a description how the portraits were created. The campaign promotes the latest visual art apps from Adobe that can boost professional growth and creativity.

Adobe is calling “artists, architects, designers, philosophers, magicians, sleuths, and adventurers” to join in. To become part of the community, they are expected to go to the Creative Cloud, create their portrait and submit them as Behance projects for approval. Pieces should be tagged with “new creatives” so that Adobe could find them easily.