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COMMON: new collaborative marketplace to sell and buy stuff that matters

COMMON, a global collaborative brand and a startup accelerator for socially conscious business practices, is about to roll out the ethically-minded COMMON Marketplace platform. It is a place where people from across the world can sell or buy products and services that resonate with the “goods for the good” philosophy. The site that launches on January 31 is now calling sellers and buyers to join in by signing up.


Pic.: A screenshot from the website

The new platform will be different from similar online shopping initiatives like TOMS Marketplace and Given Goods because users will be able to invite others to the community, nominate product brands and services, suggest and vote for the products they would like to have on the site. The Sustainable Brands site reports that COMMON wants to launch 100 versatile ventures and/or products that will make the COMMON Day, “a day in which everything you do is done with eyes wide open, with choices made to the benefit of the planet and those of us on it, a day in which products and companies that have ‘good’ at their core start replacing all the greedy bad-apple products out there.”

Sellers are to send an email to the team of the site, explaining what they’re up to, why it matters, and why they think the Marketplace is a good place for them to spread the seeds of good. Apparently, their practices are expected to comply with certain design, sustainability and collaborative standards. Shoppers-to-be are asked to enter just their names and e-mails.

“Rather than being a ‘shopping site’—a place to worship at the altar of consumerism and the love of shopping in itself—we offer people the chance to make smart daily choices in what they consume (or not),” commented Mark Eckhardt, partner & co-CEO at COMMON. “These include choices that are good for the planet and all the creatures on it, without asking them to join a religion of green or cause-related marketing.”