Google Chrome offers Lego fans to play digitally

Leveraging the success of its 2012’s Australian Chrome experiment, Google how launches a full-scale platform allowing people to construct Lego buildings in any spot of the planet. The Build with Chrome simulator now lets Lego fans create original 3D-graphic buildings in the digital space on any space captured by Google Maps.

Using WebGL, users can create various objects with well-recognized colorful bricks and then publish the constructions via Google+ for other people to see them. Plus, users can browse through the specific types of complex creations—houses, vehicles, characters, and random objects—by other Lego enthusiasts

The online destination also prompts the audience to explore the Build Academy online to learn how to master construction skills. This is a series of short tutorials and building challenges that feature a range of characters and structures, which will appear in the upcoming “The Lego Movie” film.

The Build with Chrome experience can be accessed on desktop, laptop or a touch-screen device with improved graphics capabilities.