Nike adds more features to its eco-focused MAKING app for apparel and footwear designers

Nike updates its sustainability-driven MAKING app with new features and an extended range of apparel and footwear materials that were analyzed in respect of eco standards. The new version of the application provides detailed information on the environmental impact of the materials that designers use in their collections.

The MAKING app navigates a user through selection of materials—man-made, organic or made of recycled components—to discover their environmental impact on such areas as water, chemistry, energy and waste. The materials can also be compared to each other so that the designers could make the choice that best fits their needs and philosophy. The maximum score of a material is 50.

The latest version of the app features 20 more materials used in footwear production including rubber, EVA foam and zinc. The users of the app now can browse the materials by the industry categories—footwear, apparel, or both. Additionally, the developers of the app included key performance characteristics such as insulating, waterproof, and absorbent to the materials.

The application uses the data from the Nike Materials Sustainability Index (MSI) database that has been developed based on in-depth research and analysis of materials during a period of more than seven years.

Pic.: Nike’s new Making app