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Smart e-cigarette Smokio tracks health recovery after quitting smoking tobacco

Electronic cigarette Smokio is a smart app-connected device that keeps track of the positive effect of smoking cessation on vital body systems like blood oxygenation and heart rejuvenation. It also calculates how much money the person has saved by switching from real to electronic cigarettes.

The device made of durable materials has a sleek vibrant design and is controlled via a multifunctional app. It accurately measures how much nicotine is being vaped, analyzes when the person needs nicotine more during the day, controls the nicotine level in the e-liquid, reports on health improvements, and on the amount the smoker has saved due to alternative e-cigarette. Most importantly, the Smokio app displays the number of days the user has added to life expectancy by quitting regular cigarettes.

Smokio devices have been developed in France and cost €79.90. The application is available for iOS now and for Android starting February.


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