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Two Fingers Brewing Co. create beer to fight prostate cancer

While beer, one of men’s favorite drink, can’t contribute to prostate cancer treatment in a direct way, it still can help by raising money to fight it. Seven professionals from creative agency Karmarama teamed up to found private Two Fingers Brewing Co. to create Britain’s first-ever beer brand that donates 100 per cent of proceeds to help fight prostate cancer.


Pic.: Aurelio beer helps fight cancer (click to enlarge)

They set to sell the artisan craft beer Aurelio, which has been almost 2 years in the making. It is clean and crisp high quality 4.8% golden ale, brewed using only home-grown British ingredients. The beer, which is made and bottled at cost by Horsham craft brewer Hepworth & Co., will be available in at Tesco at £1.89 for a 330ml bottle.

As to the proceeds, at least 10p from every bottle will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK, and the rest of money will be used to develop the business in order to generate more money and increase further donations.


Pic.: Aurelio beer helps fight cancer (click to enlarge)

“We were too lazy to run the marathon, so we thought we’d launch a beer brand. Now, we’re giving men a beer they can be proud of. Aurelio is a top quality, great tasting brew that makes it a pleasure to join the fight against the most common cancer in men. This is one small sip for man, one giant gulp for mankind,” commented Matt Sadler, Co. Founder of Two Fingers Brewing Co. and Planning Director at Karmarama.