IKEA UK promotes sustainable living in “The Wonderful Everyday” campaign

IKEA UK is launching a new marketing effort by Mother that highlights simple everyday sustainable products for home. The first installment of the “The Wonderful Everyday” campaign is encouraging customers to switch from regular light bulbs to energy- and cost-efficient LEDs. It also underlines the importance of minor steps in reaching the major sustainable goals in life. The effort will be aired on TV until Easter.

On February 8, the company revealed the first 1-minute spot of the effort, where lamps of all sorts “sing” a symphony of LED light in a magical enchanted forest, illuminating almost every inch of it. “By 2016 we will only sell energy efficient LED lightbulbs. Sometimes small things can make a big difference,” says the voiceover.

Sustainable light bulbs help consumers save a lot of money—an average house in the UK has 26 light bulbs that cost over £100 a year in energy, and the LED light bulbs can save up to 85%, IKEA says. Considering the affordable price of the item (£3-£7) and its positive financial impact, the LED bulb is one of the prime solutions for homes. Plus, it gives back—for every LED light bulb sold until March 29, the IKEA Foundation donates £1 to the UN’s refugee agency UNHCR, which helps improve access to lighting, renewable energy and primary education in deprived regions of the world.

The retailer doesn’t say what eco-efficient product will be highlighted in the promotion next. Most probably, it would be solar panels which the company started to sell across the UK last year.

“This is a sustainability campaign but also a brand campaign. We need to explain what we stand for and celebrate that,” commented Ikea’s UK and Ireland marketing manager Peter Wright to MarketingWeek.