Nivea teaches British men how to hack this life

Nivea Men has launched the campaign titled Life Hacks to make UK men’s lives a bit easier. The effort includes a series of short videos with simple tricks that can help solve everyday problems. The body care brand doesn’t feature its products in the videos, but uses the spots to explain that boring skin care regimes can be simplified with the Nivea range just like daily routines are hacked with these smart solutions.

The series of ads, running across the brand’s social networks, is developed by the Stack agency. The tips in the spots are numbered, and there must be at least 91 of them, but in fact the Nivea Men YouTube channel offers just 11 vignettes. They teach men how to eliminate the odor from smelly trainers, how to clean a microwave, how to make the music from speakers sound louder, and many more.

“We might be seeing the rise of the metrosexual men, but a majority of men continue to regard skincare as fussy and inconvenient,” commented Liz Wilson, CEO of Stack. By tapping into the truism that men use the internet as a source of how-to guides, tips and new information, Life Hacks offers an original yet relevant way to engage with the audience who consider men’s skincare regimens as elaborate and cumbersome. It is a fun way of busting that myth.”