People fall out of love with brands, latest Mindshare study finds

The latest cultural trends study by Mindshare, Culture Vulture 2014, has revealed alarming findings: just 47% of the respondents in 2013 against 66% in 2012 were interested in any kind of news about brands or in the engagement with a brand. It seems like customers fall out of live with brands that fail to communicate their meaningfulness properly, so their marketers will have to face new challenges to rekindle these relationships.

Another scary fact is that 58% of the respondents say that technology and social media make their lives more complex, not easier. However, despite being overwhelmed with loads of information, 59% of consumers feel positive about it and even manage to have a good work/life balance.

Here are four areas in which brands may try to establish tighter connection with their audiences:

Re-defined homes. People need to feel relaxed and comfortable at home, to spend time with family or friends, or rather enjoy solitude.

Positivism is the key. People who have gone through recession generally feel more positive, happier and calmer. So brands should offer some content or products that rise positivity, curiosity and sense of adventures.

Dominance of female values in the men society. Still carrying on their traditional duties, modern men are able to show their softer side: social responsibility, modesty, and their emotions.

Scince-savvy marketing. Social sciences (specifically behavioral economics and evolutionary psychology) will pervade further into marketing.

Watch the video below that sums up the findings of the Culture Vulture study conducted among 2,000 North American consumers earlier in November, 2013.