Vans documents the lifestyle of modern rebels in the “Living Off the Wall” effort

Vans is celebrating the rebellious spirit with its new campaign, Living Off the Wall, that features all sorts of culture rioters. The new promotion targeted at youth lives on a “breathing” scroll-down website loaded with content that invites to learn more about creative individuals who obey their own drive only.

The documentary series revealed on the site features episodes filmed across the globe—so far, it has stories of culture rebels living in USA, Russia and China and stars a plethora of non-conformists who ride bikes, bake muffins, skate and live gypsy lives, design tattoos, create impressive artworks, play music and try new things all the time. The vignettes—video stories and interviews by a team of documentarians—are placed onto a wall that also features a plethora of quotes and images. The Vans branding is not put into the spotlight—the lives of people who follow the label’s alternative philosophy are.

“Off the wall is state of mind. Thinking differently. Embracing creative self-expression. Choosing your own line on your board and in your life. Since 1966, Vans has sought to inspire boardriders, musicians, artists and anyone for whom creativity matters as they inspire us and every product we make,” says the brand on the site. “#livingoffthewall was built to progress that dedication, enlisting some of our favorite story-tellers to share people, places and things that best illustrate such a commitment to originality. Using words, images and motion pictures, #livingoffthewall is a testament to the power of our global imagination, as explored through a surfboard, a microphone, a paintbrush and all tools of the creative trade.”

Anyone can become a Vans documentarian and join the team capturing the vibe of creative individualism across the globe. This requires minimum effort—users are just asked to tag their photos and videos on Instagram and Twitter with #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL, and the best submissions will be featured on the major site.