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Virgin Active promotes active lifestyles through some ridiculous physical activities

Virgin Active is rolling out its ‘Live Happily Ever Active’ social media campaign, urging people to explore some new, non-traditional workout experiences every day. As part of this promotion, started on January 1, the brand has released a controversial spot dedicated to… clenching as an alternative fun way of  burning extra calories.

The 50-sec spot by Karmarama was released on January 31, which is declared Clench Day by Virgin Active. The brand has done some research to discover that 600 bum clenches can burn up to 50 calories, while other simple actions like laughing for 15 minutes makes 25 calories go, and standing on one leg while brushing teeth helps burn extra 80 calories. The research also reveals that an average commuter burns 324 calories a day getting to work and returning home.

Virgin Active is offering a plethora of offbeat and engaging ways to stay fit doing exercises that get perfectly integrated into the daily routines. Through the @VirginActiveWay channel and Facebook page, the brand encourages the audience to take up fun and simple challenges that help “live happily ever active.” Other activities include running in a bed, giving a piggy back, getting lost in a city, using no chairs at the office, making upside down selfies, and many more.

“It’s not always easy to invest time in getting fit which is why this research is so uplifting. It showed us that even the small things we already do are a step in the right direction, commented Hugh Hanley, from Virgin Active. The benefits that we’ve identified about the morning commute are surprising, so imagine the good we can do if we consciously make an effort towards an active and healthy life—things like taking the stairs, rather than the lift or clenching your bum on your commute to work can make a big difference.”