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Atkins UK takes on misconceptions around low-carb diets in a series of animated spots

Atkins UK, a weight-control and nutrition company, has launched a light-hearted animation campaign to dispel myths about the popular Atkins diet. The integrated agency 23red released a series of short simple videos based on hand-drawn illustrations that explain why the low carbs diet actually works for dieters.

The four videos follow animated characters of Bob and Anne, hand-drawn by illustrator Sim Marriot, to reveal the results of the scientific research behind the diet. Each chapter clearly explains why consuming much “bad” carbs results in getting fat, what should be done to break this evil circle without the need to starve, how to reformulate the diet and more.

“The New Atkins animation is based on recent research which showed there are still misconceptions surrounding New Atkins; that consumers were interested in the diet but wanted to know more; and that the science of the diet can be difficult to understand,” commented Sean Kinmont, creative director at 23red. “The animation has been created as a simple way of helping people understand the Atkins diet, while dispelling any misconceptions.”

The campaign will roll out in a number of markets including UK, Australia and the Netherlands. After watching the shorts, the audience can proceed to the dedicated site where they can find a range of support tools, such as BMI Calculator and Carb counter.