Moleskine releases bags and wallets in line with its signature notebooks

Moleskine significantly extends its product range, revealing its first-ever collection of wallets and passport holders, called myCloud. Like the iconic notebooks of the brand, the new pieces feature the signature elastic bands as well as rounded rectangle shape. All the new products, designed for people on the move, are developed in the brand’s well-recognized aesthetics that celebrates simplicity and minimalism.


“Every time we pack our bag for the day ahead it’s like crafting an identity to show to others,” said Maria Sebregondi, VP of Brand Equity and Communications at Moleskine. “Our bags contain our innermost thoughts and ideas. The things inside—belongings, projects in progress, digital devices that connect to our online selves—help us to express ourselves. Together they make up the analog cloud of objects that defines us.”

The myCloud bags go with comfortable shoulder straps, shoulder pads and concealable waist straps. The totes, messenger bags, and backpacks feature a range of compartments, loops and pockets, which are perfect “containers” for essential on-the-road items. Thanks to the colorful lining of the bags, it becomes yet easier to find various things in a rush. The designers have also added metal snap-hooks and eyelets, hooks and small tools quickly and added exterior pockets for minor things like maps, tickets and metro passes so that it would be easier to access them on the go.

The myCloud wallet collection perfectly mirrors the Moleskine notebooks signature style. The two-tone colourway pieces come in Payne’s Grey and Khaki Beige and are designed to help people organize both their ideas and every day essentials. The wallets come in seven styles, each designed for its own major purpose: the Smart Wallet, Passport Wallet, Double Wallet, Zip Wallet, and Horizontal Wallet.