Moleskine reveals a series of 25 new notebooks for creatives of all trades

Moleskine re-launches its art notebooks collection that provides canvases for sketchers, composers, filmmakers, photographers or any other artists. The Art Plus Collection includes 25 specially designed notebooks, and each of the books has its own dimensions, cover material and paper layout to meet the particular needs of the creatives.

Artists, musicians, illustrators, filmmakers and animators, all of them will be able to select a notebook that will make the note-making process flow easier and faster. For instance, people who sketch on the go can choose lightweight and portable pocket size Sketch Album with 88 square detachable pages, which can be shared and framed easily. Moleskine also offers albums both for dry media (Sketchbook and Japanese Album) and wetter painting tools like the cold-pressed Watercolour Album with a better absorbency of the pages.

The weight of the pages is also different across the range—for instance, the Black Page Album uses paper tailored to the needs of artists who prefer to store their collages and photographs in a physical book. Sometimes, creative minds need layout with a structure—creatives like composers can purchase the Music notebook with lines just for the musical notes, and filmmakers can store their ideas within the Storyboard, which pages already features frames.

Moleskin wants its fans to make the most of the new notebooks. Even the B-sides of the paperband packaging can be useful—they feature measures for line weights and angles.

Moleskine invites the artists to share their experience and artworks with the creative community by posting their #M_artcollection creation to myMoleskine. Users will comment and rate the submissions, choosing the best examples of how the power of Moleskin media can be leveraged for the creative purposes. Artists can also take part in the bi-weekly #CreativityChallenge—the winners will get a special Moleskine package of Limited Editions featuring collectors’ items to boost creativity.