Nikon connects aspiring photographers with photo gurus in the “Behind the Scenes” series

Nikon has rolled out a new effort designed to help advanced photography enthusiasts with professional insights get into this artistic field. In the episodes of the “Behind the Scenes” series hosted on the YouTube channel, the experts explain how to use cameras and other photo gear to create truly impressive visuals.

Along with the YouTube channel, the effort rolls out on the specially created branded Google+ page. Nikon will be posting the episodes at a slow pace, new videos will be available every two to three weeks on both platforms. The first one is already available to watch, and there will be 15 videos posted on the whole. In the first 3-minute spot, Nikon Ambassador, Joe McNally, explains the fundamentals about light in photography and tells more about lighting opportunities and flash photography.

More professionals including Corey Rich, and Tamara Lackey will join Mr. McNally soon. The themes of the upcoming episodes are lenses, posing models, capturing landscapes, working with different subjects, and getting ready for a great shoot. The videos go in a bit-size format, easy to digest and packed with valuable information at the same time. Each of the professionals will focus on their areas of expertise.

The episodes will highlight pro-level equipment, but it doesn’t mean that the tips provided by the experts will be valuable only for those who are running professional photo sessions—photographers who use advanced-level gear will also learn a lot.

As there are two channels, YouTube and Google+, engaged in this campaign, interaction between the brand and customers becomes yet easier. Nikon encourages the photographers to share the results of their works, their own photos, approaches, techniques, and behind the scene stories to demonstrate how the tips help in their work.