Diesel re-imagined the English alphabet, adding a street dance twist

Diesel has collaborated with the popular contemporary culture magazine i-D to create a motion-packed spot dubbed “A-Z of Dance.” In the video, a team of street dancers perform 26 moves, one for each letter, in alphabetical order. The spot, filmed in Los Angeles skyline, promotes the new collection of Jogg Jeans, the denim/jersey hybrid pants that are perfect for dancers or just people who love to move a lot.

The video that reveals the astonishing power of choreography, was directed by Jacob Sutton. The team of dancers includes Nicole the Pole who was featured in Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” music video and Northern Soul teen sensation Levanna McLean, to name just a few. They perform diverse choreographic elements in a totally beautiful manner, spinning, leaning, spinning, floating, twisting their whole body and its parts at the same time. These moves are Vogue hand, Chicken noodle soup, Memphis jookin’, and many more.

This film is not the last video in the effort promoting Diesel jeans, which provide a 360° stretch and comfort. The brand is encouraging the global fan community to contribute their footage to create the second clip. Dancers from all across the globe can submit their moves using the hashtags #joggjeans and #iDdance online or attend the London casting event at Diesel’s Covent Garden Store today, April 10, at 2-4pm. So far, Diesel has not shared the date of the new clip’s release.

Diesel’s “A-Z of Dance” is very similar to PUMA Dance Dictionary, which allows consumers to write messages using pre-recorded moves.