Evernote & Moleskine allow sharing notes selectively with the new Evernote Business Notebook

Digital meets physical in a range of new products by Evernote and Moleskine. The two companies, which released a collaborative notebook in 2012, have come together again to create a product, Evernote Business Notebook, that would mimic the analog notebook in the real world, allowing customers to share handwritten meeting notes just like they do within the Evernote service.

Moleskine and Evernote fans are invited to snap and digitalize their notes using Evernote’s Document Camera and then share them only with other users. To avoid the leak of drafts or other creative information made for personal use, one can share only the top section of the page, leaving the personal notes below the page off the general shared picture. The recipients will receive the top part of the page, and the rest of it will be safely saved in a user’s Evernote account. This feature, which allows to share notes selectively, is the biggest difference between this year’s edition and the debut product of 2012.

As the evidence of maximum cohesion between the physical and analog products, the new Moleskine & Evernote edition allows to make reminders on the physical page and then taking them to the digital format. For this, users are invited to put a check next to the Reminder icon prior to snapping the page with Evernote’s Document Camera.The digitalized notes with reminder checks will pop up at the top of the note list in the Reminders section. The notebook also has Smart Stickers that can coordinate digitalization—when Evernote detects a Smart Sticker on the page (say, it’s an airplane marker), it understands where exactly the note should be placed (say, into a Travel notebook).

The new edition can be purchased in the Evernote Market for $32.95, and the Document Camera that can snap the notes is available in Evernote for iPhone and iPad (the Android version is coming soon as well). To inspire more customers use Evernote, each of the Evernote Business Notebook comes with a code for 3-month of Evernote Premium.

Recently, Moleskine extended its product range, adding bags and wallets, and revealed a series of 25 new notebooks for creatives.