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Greenpeace introduces Greenbees, pollinators that ask the world to fight for their existence

Greenpeace is raising awareness of the “no bees” problem around the globe with a new campaign, “Save the bees.” The environmental non-profit has launched an online destination,, to tell the world that widely-used pesticides actually kill bees and to encourage the audience to send a petition against the use of these harmful pesticides.

To promote the effort, Greenpeace has released an emotional video, “Greenbees,” in which bees take matters into their own little hands and run protests against the use of hazardous chemicals. They float across a store a mini hot air balloon, spell “pesticide=suicide” on the wheels of big cars that carry the chemicals, try to stop dispersing of pesticides in the fields, and many more.

In one of the frames, they are even holding a banner saying “Save humans,” which means that use of the strong chemicals is dangerous for both insects and people. To save the future of pollinators—and our future as well,—visitors to the site are invited to sign a petition to protect bees by “banning bee-killing pesticides and unsustainable industrial agriculture and promoting ecological farming.” At the moment, Greenpeace doesn’t share where exactly the letters will go—it just says it will use them to “influence the governments and companies who can act to save the bees.” There are 400,000+ signatures so far.

The dedicated site details the issue, explaining why exactly the pesticides are bad for pollinators population, and also tells how this can be tackled. The organization has at least four solutions that would help stop the decline of bees, these are: banning the use of bee-harming pesticides, supporting and promoting agricultural practices, improving conservation of natural and semi-natural habitats, and increasing funding for research, development & application of positive practices in this field.