Hyundai rolling out the “Inspiration—What Inspires You?” bizarre video series

Hyundai is rolling out a new campaign that is focused on the sources of inspiration, in diverse fields. To kickstart the effort, the automotive brand has released a ten-minute bizarre video that incorporates references to 70 movies, both classics and modern works, celebrating films as a bottomless tank of inspiration.

The short recap, which doesn’t seem to have any coherent plot itself, pays tribute to the most famous works of western cinema. The movies that have been parodied and packed into this 10-minues overview include “The Matrix,” “Silence of the Lambs,” “Wayne’s World,” “The Terminator,” “The Dark Knight,” “Forrest Gump,” “The Shining,” “Taxi Driver,” and “The Blues Brothers,” to name just a few. The references are quite clear, and the whole piece look a bit goofy but fun to watch.

Over the coming weeks, Hyundai will release more ads under the “Inspiration—Was inspiriert dich?” (“Inspiration—What Inspires You?) theme. The debut piece doesn’t promote the carmaker’s vehicles directly, but still a little grey Hyundai i10 can be spotted here and there.

Earlier this year, Pepsi released an ad for the 86th Academy Awards broadcast, in which it promoted the smaller version of its can with short quotes from iconic movies. The idea was to prove that even the smallest piece of something can retain its style and power. Back in 2010, Volkswagen launched its “See Film Differently” effort to celebrate locations where legendary movies were filmed.