Airbnb provides a sneak peek into local cultures through windows in its first global campaign

Airbnb is rolling out its first-ever global campaign, “Views,” to celebrate a plethora of travelling destinations across the globe. As part of the effort, developed by Pereira & O’Dell, the lodging rent-out service is encouraging globe-trotters to look at the world from inside the house.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a 1-minute spot that invites the audience to see the world differently—it offers a morning view on multiple locations through windows. This simple approach allows to see the genuine beauty and richness of local cultures from the hosts’ viewpoint. The spot takes the audience to the distant bungalow on coastline of the Indian Ocean, a house with porthole peek at the Mediterranean Sea, Iceland house overlooking sandy beaches and mountains covered in snow, and more.

“When someone opens up their house and welcomes you in, you’re no longer a traveler, you’re home. And with Airbnb, you have access to over 600,000 of these homes, apartments, treehouses, boats, castles, igloos and everything in between. So come see the world differently. Book a home,” says the company.

The campaign by TBWA Worldwide is set to roll out across nine countries, including the USA, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Japan, and Brazil among others. The site of the effort features an invitation to “come see the world differently,” and the loading image features a red cat standing on a kitchen windowsill. The site invites users to look for the next destination using the search box in the middle of the page, and also features six suggestions below it.