Beefeater pushes the style of modern London into a new label design

Beefeater is revealing a new limited-edition bottle with a patriotic twist, which is represented by collage themed around modern London’s cultural heritage. The label featured the Union Jack, the silhouette of the iconic symbol of the brand, the Beefeater figure, and some references to modern style and icons.

Photo: new limited-edition bottle of Beefeater gin
Photo: new limited-edition bottle of Beefeater gin

The brand notes that the new design features “a hint of eccentricity to capture the essence of modern London,” whilst paying tribute to the legendary style of the brand. Inside the beefeater’s silhouette, there’s a mix of just everything that may represent the contemporary style of the capital. For instance, one can spot an image of Londoner Justin O’Shea, a bike, a woman’s legs in high white boots and more. The design syncs with the brand’s “My London” global advertising that captured various faces of the capital.

“As the only historic dry gin still distilled in London, we wanted to celebrate the vibrant contemporary spirit and traditional eccentricities that encapsulate our home city with our new limited edition bottle and we’re delighted with the final result,” commented J.C. Iglesias, Brand Director for Beefeater. “We are hopeful that this special design will capture the attention and the imagination of gin fans around the world and provide them with a unique memento of London for them to enjoy with their friends or keep as a collector’s item.”

The limited edition of “the world’s most awarded gin” arrives in 26 markets in May in 70cl, 75cl and 1L formats, with 75cl and 1L bottles to be available in select markets.