New Chrome Experiment helps polish English spelling skills with voice recognition

Google has developed a new wonderful Chrome Experiment that allows users to improve their English spelling skills. The new digital project, Spell Up, merges the technologies of speech recognition, the Web Speech API, with educational approach to let people from across the globe dive into the world of English sounds and letters.

The idea is quite simple, and the realization is just beautiful. Users are to correctly spell the names they hear. The words come as building blocks that are displayed on the screen. Players are invited to stack these words, constructing the highest word tower they can—adding letter to letter, word by word. The higher the building, the better user skills.

The challenge gets harder with each new level . In addition to spelling the words, users will be asked to pronounce the suggested words correctly, solve word jumbles and also guess mystery words. To encourage participants unlock new levels, the Spell Up game offers them bonuses and coins to level up faster.

The game can be opened in most browsers, but it runs best in Chrome on a desktop computer and on Android phones and tablets. Spell Up is also supposed to work on iPads and iPhones, but the experience is limited there—for instance, users have to type in letters, not just pronounce them.

The new game is just perfect both for people who are just learning English and for those who want polish it. Spell Up is also a perfect tool for teachers.