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Heineken’s new creative: women sing to win a football ticket for their male partners

Heineken has initiated another promotion built around he&she relationships. This time, the beer brand arranged a fun-packed activity that engaged women who were bold enough to go on stage for a chance to win a ticket for the Champions League Final for their men.

For this effort, Heineken has teamed up with the digital advertising agency NEXT-DC in Bulgaria. The idea was quite simple: 62 girlfriends and wives of all ages agreed to come up on the stage, wearing gowns in traditional Heineken green, to sing the anthem of the game. The best signers got tickets to the dream game for their male partners. The announcement of the contest was delivered to men through men-targeted press pieces. Only best halves could get men the tickets, and it was quite challenging for guys to persuade their spouses to participate.

While the choir was quite big, only three of the singers walked away with the Madrid—Real Madrid game tickets for their men. The winners were announced right on the stage—a beam of light pointed at them. They were selected based on how close to the timing of the original anthem their performance was. The best versions were detected using custom hardware and voice recognition software.

Not so long ago Heineken arranged a shoe sale in Brazil, inviting women to go shopping and leave their men alone for the time of the football match.