Google Maps-based Smarty Pins help learn geography

Google has harnessed its map pins power to create an awesome trivia game online. The game called “Smarty Pins” asks users to indicate the places on the world’s map that correspond with the question in the card. Players start with 1,000 miles (or 1,609 km, if they are based outside the USA), and with each incorrect answer the number of miles decreases by the distance between the correct location and the wrong place the player has pinned.

Pic.: A screenshot from the site of the game

The goal of the Google Maps-based game is to answer as many questions as possible before the total score of miles reaches zero. Users can choose one of the category—Featured Topics (currently these are March Madness and World Cup), Arts & Culture, Science & Geography, Sports & Games, Entertainment, History & Current Events. If a player gives a fast answer (below 10 seconds), he or she gets extra bonus points.

The game also offers tips that can be used to locate the destination faster (in this case, you won’t get any extra points). To speed up the search, the game takes the player to the area where the pin should be put—of course, it doesn’t show the exact place, it just indicates the region. For instance, if the pin should be put onto London, the game shows the UK, Ireland and the North-West Europe.

With each 5 questions answered, players receive a reward—a Bronze Pin, a Silver Pin, A Gold Pin, and they also get various supportive message as they proceed in the game.