The Human App visualizes how people move in the streets across 30 biggest cities

The team behind the free fitness tracking Human App, which motivates users to move at least 30 minutes during the day, has analyzed how people prefer to move around in their cities in different parts of the world. As part of the study, 7.5 million miles of activity—walking, running, cycling, and motorized transportation—were analyzed.

The application is able to detect and categorize daily activities of smartphone owners, and then send them push notifications when the daily goals are met. It silently runs on the background of the phone and doesn’t remind of itself during the day before sending feedback. Since the app was launched in September 2013, it helped its users increase their daily movements by as much as 75%.

The Human Cities project, based on the data collected through the app, reveals the most common “patterns of movement”—how people in 30 biggest cities move around in their urban areas. The app aggregates and analyzes 55 million activities that have been tracked globally, and then visualizes them all as charts and maps—all to distill the most popular type of movement in the city. Moreover, the creative team behind the project has created super high resolution versions for a selection of cities across the globe. The visuals can be ordered as beautiful HD  posters or framed print at Crated.