Nielsen’s Consumer Confidence Trend Tracker launched: one tool, 60 countries, 10 years of survey data

In its ninth year, Nielsen Consumer Confidence research continues to measure major concerns and spending/saving intentions of nearly 30,000 online respondents across 60 countries. Points above 100 on an imaginary baseline indicate degree of optimism, and points below 100 — on the contrary, negativism and lack of consumer confidence. 

The second quarter’s global index for consumer confidence this year is 97—which is the highest level since Q1, 2007. Specifically, consumer confidence is on the rise in Asia-Pacific region (106, held steady), in North America (103, +2 points since Q1, 2014) and in Europe (77, + 3 points since Q1, 2014). While in Latin America (90, – 3 points since Q1, 2014) and Middle East/Africa (93, – 1 point since Q1, 2014) consumer confidence declines.

In addition to the figures on the Q2, 2014, Nielsen team has unveiled a valuable interactive tool for marketers, trend analysts and consultants: Consumer Confidence Trend Tracker. It contains data of the last 10 years, across 60 countries, and can be viewed either by regions or by time period. The live tracker is available here.

Photo: Global consumer confidence indices, 3-month time, 2014