#Divorceselfie: when divorce turns into a party


What is the divorce? It seems to be a sad event: family collapse, painful break and long depression. But time passes by and attitudes change along with typical habits and traditions. In today’s Popsop research we are going to discuss how attitude to divorces has changed in the West and which consequences it can lead to.

Until recently, divorce has been perceived only in a single way as a tragic event. No one would have got it into his head to celebrate divorce. Moreover, even if for one of spouses it is a joy, for another it is a definitely tragedy. Modern west families have decided to relieve themselves of quarrels, assays of family disruption reasons, showdowns and other troubles, turning divorce into party for both spouses!

If you consider that it is not a global trend, but occasional cases, we give some statistics. Hashtag #Divorceparties has gathered more than 2 000 publications on Instagram for quite short period. On the second place, gaining popularity tag #Divorceselife – 431 posts. And now Pospop will introduce to you some ex-families, who consider divorce as occasion to joy and to the party.

Chilton family (Instagram – @kindofsummer) under hashtag #Divorcedselife on Instagram has published smiling joint photo with annotation of why divorce for them is not an occasion to be depressed, but to go to a dinner and celebrate it.


Michelle Picarella Anderson (Instagram – @shellypicarella) has posted joyful picture with ex-husband. For these spouses divorcement is the opportunity, given to each other to become better.


Erica Hansen (Instagram – @ehansen2015) under her “divorced selfie” with husband on it wrote a whole story of relationship from their acquaintance, stressing on value of every joint recollection.


By the way, men are not less sentimental in this case and don’t fall behind their halves by number of publications on topic. For example, Italian Christopher Costa (Instagram – @christopherkcosta) published on his page selfie with his ex-wife right in front of court building, where divorcement had just taken place.


And how do ex-spouses celebrate this event? For some, like Chilton’s family – it is quite enough to have a dinner, but some performs some odd rituals. Under hashtag #divorcedparty Maya Salos (Instagram – @myaesteticitas) has demonstrated destruction of her wedding dress to subscribers. It was cut into pieces by friends of ex-bride right on hero of the occasion!


Confectionery industry has also been enriched by such trend. Quaint cakes with images of bridegroom or bride without head, crossed out wedding rings and funny inscriptions on the peak of popularity among ex-spouses. It looks in this way.


Concerning conclusions, we have to note that according to psychologists such attitude to divorce is right. Better to forgive each other and former insults, return wedding rings back, celebrate cheerfully the beginning of a new certainly happy life and release the ex-spouse. In addition it is a great ability to thank heartily already former soul mate for the experience that been during
wedlock. And even such unusual demonstrations as a ritual destruction of wedding dress or harmless cake with headless spouses – it is not amorality, but rather positive look on things.