Top-5 weird and desirable jobs


Situation when you are sitting in the office and waiting for the end of the working day is familiar to everybody. But there are some individuals who go to the work as if it is a holiday. And can it be different if your occupation is called “The worker who overturns pandas”?

The “queue waiter”. Non-formal services of “queue waiters” (without registration and license) have been in existence for a long time in every country. But in Britain the first similar company has appeared, workers’ task of which is to stand and wait in queues instead you. Either to push or to quarrel – generally, do everything in order to get desirable result. And reward for such dedication is $40 per hour. Although, every Englishman spends in queue more than a year for all his life, thus there is some economy.


The “pillow flattener” – this specialist is required to many luxury furniture shops, which sells bedrooms sets. During his work day, flattener goes across trading floor and straightens folds on pillows and coverings. There is the same profession in elite shoes boutiques, but here wrinkles, which appear because of multiple shoe fittings, are straightened.


The “Pandas’ overturner”. Is the most desirable and lovely job which can be found in China. Specialist has to take care of newborn pandas every day, turn them from one side to another, feed and watch over hygiene. Resident of any country can be hired to this post, because employer helps to get VISA and provides with accommodation and nutrition.


The “Dice expert” those professionals are required to Las-Vegas and Monte-Carlos’ companies. And it is not surprising; exactly in here a lot of people lose their savings in casinos and gambling. But if in casino imbalanced or beveled-edged dice are revealed, it will be considered as attempt to trick luckless clients. Therefore dice experts are watching over all nuances.


The “Mercenary relative.” These services have been supplied for a long time worldwide, but legal registered service, which provides clients with hired friends and relatives, was opened in China not so long time ago. Agency services are applied mostly before wedding, birthday, or another high day, on which a great amount of people must attend.